Here some new pictures from the Vocational Training Centres. Some members of Give and Give were there in February 2014 and could take part in the daily activities:

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A group of new students had just arrived. In the adjacent classroom, some learned the basic English vocabulary for talks with clients.  On the cutting table, the older students were teaching how to cut the fabric for the traditional Punjabi dress, the Salwar Kameez. For larger parts, Ms. Mamta, the teacher, had to move to the floor.

In the beauty parlour department, a bride was being prepared for her wedding. The long procedure starts with applying Kurkuma to the skin and many other steps follow, the best known being mehndi, Henna ornamentation of hands and feet. All these and also modern techniques can be learned in the courses.

The robust Indian sewing machines need to be repared from time to time. One was controlled and prepared for the new students.

After a tempest in September 2013, the building had to be renovated from outside and it was also painted. The village girls now can work in a simple, but friendly environment.

Apart from traditional suits, the students began to sew small hand bags, smart phone cases, key straps etc., all of which are displayed in a showcase. Most recently they can learn basic English to be able to talk to foreign customers.