Give and Give is a charitable organisation active in Northern India. We chose the name “Give and Give” because in our part of the world, we still have enough to give to others. Every little donation is a big help for people who have to live well below the poverty line.

A great part of the population still lives in pitiable conditions marked by poverty, hunger and little access to medical care and schooling.


Donations should directly go to their destination: to the poor and needy. So from the beginning, our activities have been voluntary work, as the work in itself is wages enough.

Administration costs are kept as low as possible or financed by sponsors.  From time to time, we fly over to India to make sure that the aid bears fruit. Then everybody of us pays their travel expenses themselves.


Our aid is meant to empower poor people so that they can help themselves. By providing them with their own indiviual skill set, they can gain self-confidence and begin to rely on themselves. Our great concern is that they should be able to live in conditions fit for human beings.

A life in extreme poverty does not only affect health and body. Disregard, social exclusion und discrimination in every field of life hurt any sense of self-worth, which in turn hampers a self-determined life.