Education – the best way to fight poverty lastingly


The greatest problem in the world is poverty and lack of education, those two combined. It is important for us to ensure that education reaches everybody.

Nelson Mandela

However, many children living in the poorest conditions do not have access to education, despite big efforts by the Indian government. Often, their parents send them to work to support the family, or they cannot even pay for school uniforms and class materials.

Through education, poor children receive the necessary knowledge and skills to get on in life. But government-run village schools fail to provide the same level of training as private schools.  For example, the English they learn there is not sufficient to compete with other students in university or in today’s working environment. As a result, if someone is born poor, he or she remains so.

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Good education for kids from poor families

Give and Give entertains a private village school in Daryapur, Punjab. At the moment, 109 children in need can go there free of cost. It is English-biased from the beginning, and from the age of four, the children enthusiatically follow the classes.

Talented children receive a sponsorship so they can attend high school and pursue further studies at university.

The income of a simple farm labourer is about Fr. 60.-  a month. That is not enough to send all his three children to school. In such cases, especially the girls are disadvantaged. Fr. 25.- a month are sufficient to send a child to school. It receives a school uniform and all necessary class materials. Even costs for excursions and other class activities will be covered with your donation.

You can help with a donation or a sponsorship.