Here you find some recent photos from the village Kanaun at the river Sutlej can be seen here, where migrant worker families are leading a very modest life.

The people there have just enough to live on, a few clothing items and a simple roof over their heads. The woman in the photo in the photo-gallery comes from Bihar and has been living there since she was five. Her age is now 35 years and she has five children. Her husband earns about 200 Rupees (about 2,50 €) per day as an unskilled labourer. She says that her life is not easy but she can survive at least without having to beg.

Through the Mobile Clinic the villagers receive free medical treatment which otherwise they could not afford. During the last Medical Camp 125 patients made their way to the free medical camp. Meanwhile the tent has been replaced by a stationary roofing by means of donations so that the people are protected from rain and sun.