The situation in rural India

In India, the poor do not profit from medical advancements. They cannot afford  it to pay for good doctors or a hospital stay.

Basic medical care provided by the goverment is insufficient or unavailable in remote areas. For every 10,000 inhabitants there are only 6 doctors.

The rural public health care centres neither have enough medicine nor staff to treat needy patients. In addition, they are difficult to reach due to the bad infrastructure.  So harmless infections, diarrhea and complications during pregnancy often end up lethal.

Please support free medical care for needy patients through your donation or a project sponsorship.


Near the village Daryapur we support a hospital that is equipped with modern medical instruments on a western level.

The current departments are general medicine, ob-gyn, pediatry, ophthalmology and surgery. Since 2013, a dialysis ward is available. Every year, up to 20.000 patients can receive treatment in the hospital. Besides conventional medicine, also homeopathic and ayurvedic methods are applied.

Thanks to the good equipment of the hospital, more and more operations can be done. But as there is a great number of patients in urgent need, we depend on donations to supply help for them all.

A hernia operation costs for example Fr. 350.-. Without a surgery, hernia can lead to a fatal intestinal constriction. Sadly enough, the poorest of the poor have to do hard physical labour and frequently suffer from this problem.

In many cases, malnutrition results in a cataract and  leading to eventual blindness. Only Fr. 110.- are sufficient to examine and treat 10 patients and insert one artificial lens.

Each donation is a step to relieve the poor of their burden.

Medical aid right on-site 

Give and Give supports the BSK-Welfare Society in Rahon active in the region of Doaba. There, the number of people from underprivileged casts is very high (over 35%). There are 85 villages in a radius of 60 km² which urgently require medical aid.

Medical Camps and free eye surgeries 

Via socalled Free Medical Camps which last for several days needy people in different regions of North India get the chance to a free check up and treatment. General practitioners and also specialists are committed and present at the Medical Camps. One particular focus lies on eye surgeries. Cataract which is a clouding of the eye is occurs frequently in India even in young children due to malnourishment. Without surgery it can lead to blindness.