• Women Empowerment

    Women Empowerment

    Help women in need

  • Education is our future

    Education is our future

    Help us make it possible

  • Medical treatment for everyone

    Medical treatment for everyone

    Help via on-site mobile medical clinic

  • Helping people in dire need

    Helping people in dire need

    Returning their livelihood

Give and Give – giving people a future


The charity Give and Give provides development assistance in northern India. It aims at fighting the poverty still prevailing in many regions. We want to give people a future and to improve the situation of the poor lastingly.

Therefore, we support projects with specific focus on:


Many people are disadvantaged because of their social standing, religion, or caste, and are unable to free themselves from their pitiable situation.

We closely cooperate with local partner organisations who are in touch with the persons concerned and know their needs. Through this cooperation, we can afford quick and well-directed help.