Life in poverty – a daily risk

For many people living below the poverty line, any little blow of fate threatens their existence. If your daily worry is whether you and your family will have something to eat tomorrow, you cannot afford an insurance for health, accidents and old-age. A well-functioning national social security system does not yet exist in India.

Sudden unemployment, a disease or an expensive surgery can put such families in a hopeless situation.

Fast and unbureaucratic assistance

Only quick and non-bureaucratic support helps people in their plight. Often a certain sum is sufficient for someone to overcome an acute crisis, e.g. to enable a surgery or the purchase of seeds for the next season. The staff of our partner organisation, the BSK Welfare Society, know the concerns of the people in their area and also how to support them specifically so that they can stand on their own feet again.

You can support these measures against poverty with your donation or project sponsorship.

Sewing machines for widows

Give and Give helps to improve the situation of particularly vulnerable families lastingly by donating concrete items:

Sewing machines are regularly distributed to needy widows, who are then able to cover or improve their living costs.

Even though a hand-driven sewing machine costs just  Fr. 50.-, it can bring a fundamental change in the life of these women and their children. If a women sews only one dress a day, she can earn up to INR 3.000.- extra a month.

Tricycled wheelchairs for disabled persons

In India, life is especially hard for handicapped people. Sometimes you find them crawling on the floor with the help of their mere hands, or they are completely dependent on the support of their relatives. They receive special wheelchairs (tricycles driven by a hand crank) free of charge, allowing them to finally lead a life “on eye level” with others. In this way, they gain a certain level of autonomy and often even find a job. This type of special wheelchair costs about Fr. 100.-