In February we were once more visiting our projects (in Northern India) for some days.
Thanks to your donations and money from the sales at our stands, many people could be helped.
As every year, wheelchairs and special bicycles for the handicapped, sewing machines and many warm blankets for cold days were distributed.

In addition, a large medical camp was held again, which was attended by more than 300 people. About 150 eye examinations were carried out, followed by 14 cataract operations.
In addition, several people were operated due to the serious effects of the extremely hard work earning their livelihood in the fields.

The sewing machines continue to be a great support for many needy people (mostly women). A sewing machine (which costs only 40 Fr.) can make a great difference. We have therefore again distributed several sewing machines and taken them to different households.

For example, to Chanti Kaur, who has no education but can sew and whose husband can no longer work, because of a serious accident at work. The sewing machine is a great blessing for Chanti Kaur because now she is able to provide the income for her entire family including her little boy and her grandmother.

Another woman (see photo above right) who has been paralyzed on one leg since birth due to poliomyelitis can now work at home. She earns about 2 Fr. for sewing a pair of trousers and a long traditional shirt. This is sufficient to provide the family with food for one day. She and her husband work hard to meet the family’s daily needs (they have 2 teenage sons).

Seven-year-old Jaspreet has been dumb since birth and she could never walk. Now she has been given a wheelchair, which will change her life. From now on she will be able to discover “the world” outside her home. Soon she will learn to move the wheelchair herself, which is a big step towards independence. The overwhelming gratitude touched us very much and intensifies our motivation in supporting these people even more.