On February 6th, 2014, members of BSK Welfare Society and GIVE+GIVE e.V. distributed sewing machines, tricycles and wheelchairs to needy persons in the vicinity of Rahon, Punjab. The President of Give+Give, Regine Weise, had travelled to India on her own account and, as foreign guest, had the honour to hand over the respective items.

Thus, 20 widows received manual sewing machines. After the death of their husbands, these – often still young – women have nobody to depend on and struggle daily to provide their own and their children’s livelihood.

As job opportunities are rare in this rural area, a sewing machine is of big help to them. Not only that they can sew their own clothes, but they can earn a small income for their family by on sewing on commission at home.

Moreover, ten hand-operated tricycles and three wheelchairs were distributed to hampered or leg-amputated men and women. For them, this is a big step towards an independent life, because from now on, they can move on their own and no longer require help from others permanently.

To find out who is really in need, members of our Indian partner organisation had gone to the different villages beforehand. The head of the respective village confirmed by stamp that the persons they had sought out actually needed support.